Thursday, May 30, 2013

Happy Heart Thursday

Today has not been my day. I got deodorant all over my black shirt, completely dropped the ball on a flower delivery, and just NOW spilled yogurt on the shirt I changed into. But its okay.. mainly because my fabulous husband Zane came to the rescue and went to pick up the flowers. And you really can't tell about the yogurt!

These are all the more reasons to participate in Happy Heart Thursday. I may not be the happiest camper right now, but I think sharing some of my highs from the week will serve as the perfect pick-me-up!

1. Zane's family came into town Monday night and we got to spend two great days with them! Most of my highs will revolve around their visit :) Just like all the fantastic food we downed!

2. Seeing The Great Gatsby again for the second time. I absolutely love this movie!

3. Shopping! I'm a huge fan of shopping, and it is even a greater time with my mother in law, Leslie! Its so nice to have someone tell you when an item looks great, and be honest with you when it doesn't! After breaking my last two pairs of sunglasses, I am happy to have another pair, minus a crack in the lens... for now! 

4. Pretty Things! 
Peonies at Whole Foods

Patio lights

Mason jar light at one of our favorite restaurants

I have some fun stuff planned to share with you next week. Including a photo session and hopefully some pictures from this weekends festivities of a bridal shower and first birthday party! Hope your Thursday is going better than mine, however I am feeling better already. 
Happy Thursday everyone!

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