Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Without Vision

Proverbs 29 has been teaching me some things recently. Specifically Proverbs 29:18

Without vision, people perish.

This verse is speaking into absolutely every single aspect of my life. My marriage. My job. My Life group. My blog. My relationships. 

Without vision, people perish.

Let that sink in. 

All of us are leaders in some way or another. Whether it is your friendships, your household, whatever it may be... make sure you are spending time seeking the specific vision God has laid on your heart.  Are you leading with vision, or just fulfilling a need? 

I know that if I lack vision in one of these areas in my life, then I will be going in circles. I can feel it, I can feel when these substantial areas are just going around and around instead of moving forward. They may still be moving, but not forward. There is a difference.

 Don't let your passion, lack clear vision! 

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