Tuesday, March 25, 2014

When God Uses My Marriage

    I am an anxious person by nature. Just ask my husband. I get extremely excited, and for the most part anxious over just about anything. Worried is mixed in there too. This past month has been no different. More specifically, this past week.

    I was driving into work this weekend when the thought of my dream business just popped into my head. It was all packaged up nicely, even tied with a bow on top. My mind has been non stop ever since with possibilities!

    My mom and I have always dreamed and about opening up some kind of fun shop, and  have always played with the idea of fixing up furniture & flea market treasures. These thoughts have been intensified over the past few weeks. My head is constantly spinning, and my heart beats out of my chest with anxiousness to actually DO something! 
And then, today, my heart sank as I found a link to a local business owner who is pursuing what I want to do. Again, my heart beats out of my chest. When will it be my turn. Will I ever get to do this for real?! Could I still do what I dream of if someone else is beat me too it?!

Heart beats faster.

    I wasn't planning on visiting Zane at church that night, but I had to go to a nearby store, so I stopped in for worship.

-Insert God moment -

    Zane was playing the drums, which surprised me since lately he's been playing guitar. When I first met Zane, he was playing the drums :)

    As I was observing him, I was thinking about how much I loved that he was musical, and athletic, and funny.
God reminded me that as I was younger, with no relationship in sight, these were characteristics I desired. He reminded me that Zane has all of these characteristics and much more. God granted me the desires of my heart with Zane, just when I thought there was no man out there for me. Funny thought to think when your 18 and just out of high school!! Out of the blue, Zane showed up. GOD showed up. God has blessed me with an abundantly fulfilling marriage, one I could never of fathomed myself.

    God immediately used these thoughts to tell me that if he was faithful in that aspect of my life, why wouldn't he be faithful in this one. With Zane, Gods timing was perfect, his blessing was abundant, and he uses my marriage more than I could imagine.

Bringing it back to 2008, our first summer together

    God will do the same thing with the new desires he has placed on my heart. God created me with these passions and creativity, and I know I will get to put those to good use. When the time is right, God will bring along the perfect opportunity, and I know he will use that for his glory.
At once I felt at peace. I was no longer anxious, I can't even imagine how God's plan for my future looks like. If I don't lay these desires at his feet, my labor will mean nothing. I trust in God and have peace that he will indeed grant me the desires of my heart. 'Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Happy Heart Thursday // Rest Edition

Hey guys,
I hope each and everyone of you are having a wonderful week, and are excited for the weekend! As I was thinking about HHT, I realized I didn't have much on my phone as far as pictures go.  But I realized a few other things as well. I have quite a few things to be happy about, and honestly, I'm glad I can't capture the vastness of them through my camera phone. I am a huge advocate of trying to capture life's moments to document them, and have something tangible to look back on, but I am also a fan of realizing some things just don't fit into an Instagram pic. Here are somethings that have stuck out to me this week.

1. I have a husband who supports my crazy lifestyle. I used to think being married I would just be labeled as a cook/ maid/ and errand runner. Zane has 100% shown me support in my dreams & is okay when dinner is not on the table at five, or if it ever make it to the table at all?! He is okay when laundry is in piles, or the dishes are piled up. I am so grateful I don't feel any tug of war between what I like to do, and what I need to do. He knows I will get to it eventually, and is the most patient man I know.

2. I get to use what I love to bless others. It brings me so much joy to be able to shower and celebrate those I love! How crazy is it that I get to combine the two?!

3. Seasons. There are times where I am scheduled like crazy, and other times where I have to think about what project or fun thing I want to do next. It keeps life interesting, not too boring, and not too stressful. After the fun filled weekend we had last week, I'm embracing a relaxing one tomorrow!

4. Here is one I am able to capture - I was able to get a surface tablet for work, and it came in yesterday. I am in love with it! I'm also glad I can work from wherever id like too now. Looking out at the rain isn't too bad :)

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Back to Life, Back to Reality

Hi ladies,
Just wanted to pop in and say hey! We had the baby shower for Rhyan on Saturday, and it was lovely! Here is a sneak peek!

It has been a week of hustle around here for both Zane and I. But this upcoming week has relaxation and normal written all over it. Looking forward to getting back into the swing of things, and still having a few projects to work on! 

I hope you guys are having a fantastic week so far! 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Catching Up

Umm, seriously guys! How is it already Monday. I find that the weeks sneak by very quickly when I'm immersed in a project. Right now, I am in full baby shower mode! I know, I totally missed Happy Heart Thursday. But you know what? This is the status of my camera roll.

Does anyone else do this? Take pictures of everything you see while planning a party, that way you can look back and have everything in one spot? 

It's going to be a busy week at the Elliott home, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Can't wait to see everything come together to celebrate life!And of course, I can't wait to share it with y'all! 

Have a great week!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Behind The Scene - Valentine's Day

Hey Ya'll,
I hope you guys had a Fabulous Love Day! Zane and I slept in, went to see the Lego movie, which is adorable, did some shopping, then enjoyed a quiet night at home!

 On Friday I shared our Valentine's Day shoot, be sure to check it out here if you missed it! I wanted to show yall how everything came together for this impromptu shoot, in hopes that it may inspire you to pull together something of your own for some fun! 

It all started with these $3.09 cupcakes from target! As soon as i saw these simply sweet treats, I knew they had to be photographed!

One of the projects I did was spray painting this chair. I picked these up from the side of a dumpster, and knew they would be fine with a coat of spray paint! Who cares if the entire seat was split in two pieces? No problem! Before & after!!

I picked up this picture frame & these two candle sticks from my favorite store- none other than Target! I purchased a handful of different items to try, and returned them after only using the ones pictures. Its good to have options! 

Carrie brought a slew of outfits, but ultimately just loved the simple tutu :) Again, its always good to have options.

The table pictures is one a friend of mine picked up from the side of the road. This two has a large split in the top, so its not very functional, but I knew that wood would be perfect for pictures!

lastly I picked up the balloons from Party City and I absolutely loved them!

Friday, February 14, 2014

[ Celebrate ] Valentine's Day

While perusing Target Monday evening, I came across the cutest little pink cupcakes and instantly knew they needed to come home with me! 

When you combine cupcakes, balloons, a pink chair and an adorable toddler in a pink tutu- you are bound to capture something cute!!

Special thanks to the Peterson's who are always up for anything, and are so patient while I try to figure this whole camera language out. Bradli was a pro as always! Four cupcakes later, she was on a sugar high ;)

- Happy Valentines Day -

Go celebrate love today.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy Heart Thursday - Twenty Five

It's been an amazing week! Tuesday I turned 25, and never felt better! It's amazing what a birthday can do for your self confidence! Here are my favs from this week-

1. Zane texting me twenty five things he loves about me.

2. Working on shower invites and a love day shoot.

3. Valentines day nails.

4. Finding this. 

5. The sweet things my momma does for me. 

Here is a sneak peek of what's in store for tomorrow...