Thursday, January 30, 2014

Happy Heart Thursday - Staycation mode

Hi loves,
It has been such a wonderful week!! My MIL came to visit for a long weekend, and it was so nice having a built in vacation, without leaving the comfort of our home.
On a side note, the Super Bowl is this Sunday, whose ready?! Any favorite traditions out there? We will be gearing up for our third annual SB party, and I for one, am ready to E.A.T. - I surley can't be the only one ;)

Soo, back to this week-
1.No staycation is complete without cinnamon rolls. We had lot's of them.
2. Pedicures. I always choose OPI Big Apple!
OPI Nail Polish - N25 Big Apple Red
3. I ate my weight while touring our fav restaurants around Fort Myers.
4. We went to Sun Harvest juice factory, and discovered they made the best key lime pie EVER! I also decided I love it ten times better with strawberries!
5. I have been on a huge organizational kick. Including my scrapbook paper. It was a wild night turning this pile of randomness into something I can live with!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Marriage // Looking for fulfillment

Confession- I have felt in a bit of a funk. Marriage funk, specifically. Anyone ever been there?
Feeling like something isn't quite right, but don't have specific examples to blame it on, just overall annoyed.
Zane even noticed this, probably because I have been treating him with resentment, ya know, because  when I feel off, it must be his fault, right?!


I don't know how many times I have heard that my husband can't fulfill me, only my savior can. BUT, it wasn't until I heard it at just the right moment [ last night ] that it truly had time to sink in. It was in the midst of my discomfort, that I realized my discomfort lied within me, and not my husband.

I was uncomfortable, because I had not taken the time to put God first. I had fallen into a routine of expecting my husband to fulfill every need, feeling, want, desire that i felt. I had put a task on him that no human being could ever accomplish, or should accomplish. So when he falls short of unspoken, unrealistic, superhuman powers, I resent him. Why isn't he meeting my needs?

It's simple- because they aren't needs that he can meet.

Yes, my husband is amazing & I am so grateful for the role that he plays in my life. That role as a companion. He is my life partner, but not my soul provider.

Once this clicked in my head, got my focus off of myself & my husband not meeting my needs- and put that focus into loving Jesus, it all fell into place. I am thankful for God's grace, his guidance, and his whispers that allow us to realize we are wrong. I am also thankful for a husband who I can openly apologize too, when I realize I have been wrong.

Love is sweet, but not because it's easy. Love makes you a better person & I am definitely better because of it.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Happy Heart Thursday - Back In Action!

Man, has it been awhile since I have posted a Happy Heart Thursday or what?! Happy Heart Thursdays are my way of sharing what little things made me smile throughout the week. I love taking a look back through my camera roll and focusing on the good, no matter how small! 

1. My favorite from this week, would be getting some quality girl time in.  Our friends Becca and Cheryl got to spend a few days in Fort Myers, and I enjoyed every second of catch up, girl talk, and laugh-till-you-cry moments. Thanks for coming girls!

2. I came into work yesterday to find this little guy on my desk. A vintage camera one of my volunteers brought in for me.  I got my first vintage camera for Christmas, and can't wait to start adding to my collection! 

3. It is a bit chilly today, for Florida ;) PTL when i know a cold front is coming through, knowing I can whip out my scarf, and not sweat to death!

4. Speaking of catching up, I love a good lunch date! Chick-Fil-A is my jam!!

5. Tea that inspires, enough said.

6. One of my lovely friends is having a baby any day now, and we are planning a shower for after baby comes, since the mom-to-be is out of town. Super excited to 'sprinkle' both mom and baby with love in February. until then.. I got this cake pan for Christmas, and decided to test it out with a box of confetti cake mix. Looks a little rough, but I think I can work on it a bit! I mean come on, doesn't this scream Betty Crocker?! 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Where I am

I will be the first to admit, it has been pretty quiet around here lately.. okay fine since September, but whose counting?!  And when I say around here, you know I'm not referring to  life, just mainly this blog. Our life has been quite the whirlwind finishing 2013 strong. But, I am happy to report that January has felt like a fresh breath of relaxation. I can definitely say this month has been a great reflection and evaluation time for me in all aspects of my life. Clearly, I am not alone as I read every other blog about goals, planning, and dreams for 2014. I typically don't feel lead to write down a long list of things I am only motivated to conquer for one week. However, the more I push myself, the more I am motivated to do just those things- set goals, plan and be intentional, and dream big for this next year, or what feels like a brand new season for me.
 2013 was filled with many big projects, work and fun related. So now that I am in a state of rest, I am excited to get rolling on some exciting stuff. So what does 2014 look like for me? I am really feeling inspired to push myself in this outlet RIGHT HERE! You will hopefully see more blog post, and more inside my world. I have so many fun things from 2013 still sitting, waiting to be shared with y'all. Its sad, really! I am hoping to actually make my Etsy shop a priority, and get my hands dirty with all things crafty, some home projects, and anything that inspires me! 2013 was a great year, but I am so excited to conquer some big ideas in 2014. Cheer's to a fresh start, big ideas, and many pretty things to come ;)