Thursday, January 16, 2014

Happy Heart Thursday - Back In Action!

Man, has it been awhile since I have posted a Happy Heart Thursday or what?! Happy Heart Thursdays are my way of sharing what little things made me smile throughout the week. I love taking a look back through my camera roll and focusing on the good, no matter how small! 

1. My favorite from this week, would be getting some quality girl time in.  Our friends Becca and Cheryl got to spend a few days in Fort Myers, and I enjoyed every second of catch up, girl talk, and laugh-till-you-cry moments. Thanks for coming girls!

2. I came into work yesterday to find this little guy on my desk. A vintage camera one of my volunteers brought in for me.  I got my first vintage camera for Christmas, and can't wait to start adding to my collection! 

3. It is a bit chilly today, for Florida ;) PTL when i know a cold front is coming through, knowing I can whip out my scarf, and not sweat to death!

4. Speaking of catching up, I love a good lunch date! Chick-Fil-A is my jam!!

5. Tea that inspires, enough said.

6. One of my lovely friends is having a baby any day now, and we are planning a shower for after baby comes, since the mom-to-be is out of town. Super excited to 'sprinkle' both mom and baby with love in February. until then.. I got this cake pan for Christmas, and decided to test it out with a box of confetti cake mix. Looks a little rough, but I think I can work on it a bit! I mean come on, doesn't this scream Betty Crocker?! 

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