Wednesday, June 19, 2013

It's A Miracle!

For the last few.. several months, I have been feeling a little self conscious about my image. My clothes weren't fitting the same, but I wasn't ready to admit it. I felt sluggish all day, everyday! But I was still the same size, so I was good, right?! Nope, even that had slipped a little bit, I just didn't want to notice. The last straw was last week when some lovely stranger asked me that dreaded question. "I don't mean to offend you, but are you pregnant?" Umm, WHAT?!  I was hoping it had something to do with the maxi skirt I was wearing, but my worst fear had come true. Someone actually thought I was with child. Insert holy red face! So, I decided it was finally time to do something about it. 
We had purchased a treadmill about a two months ago, thanks to craiglist! But I wasn't sure if this plan would work. My plan was to wake up early before work and run. That plan got pushed back due to different friends and family staying with us. Finally, this week I have been able to test the plan! 
If you know me, you know that I LOVE sleep, LOVE food, and hate exercise. I put those things aside, and for the past three days have woken up an hour early to run. Yes, RUN! Now, its not a long distance.. currently rocking a mile... with walk breaks. BUT, I have never felt better. From only three times?! Today I even cleaned the kitchen before I left for work. It has given me energy during the day, and I can already tell a difference in how I feel. 
Here are my details, Why? Because if I tell you guys, I can be more accountable!

Run at least a mile (hoping to increase) Monday-Thursday
Drinking tons of water (at least 8 glasses)
Trying to stay away from the sugars, and just watch what I eat

It has been much easier for me to watch what goes into my mouth when I am working my butt off in the morning. I am much more aware and don't want to ruin my progress! I am excited to see improvements and results, however long they may take. However the most important part is that I feel better than ever! 
So... whose with me?!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Letter To My Dad


This letter may be a little more difficult for me to put into words. Whenever I think about my dad, I instantly feel emotional. It is fitting, really, if you know my father at all. Those of you who know my dad know that the older he gets, the more emotion he is. It's safe to say I get my emotional side from him, Thanks dad! 
There have been many Fathers Day's where we have celebrated apart, and it breaks my heart. But then I am reminded of all the people who aren't able to just pick up the phone and talk to their fathers, or who have not had a shining example of a dad to look up too. Perspective really is everything. I realize that there are dads, and there are great dads. I have a great dad! He has loved me and my siblings unconditionally. He has always been there for us. Whether it was to bail us out of a tough situation, to speak the words we needed to hear, or to just encourage us and make us smile.
 Through the years, he would always ask my opinion on things. I remember being younger, and wondering why an adult was taking the time to ask for a child's opinion? But now, I am grateful. All those times and conversations has instilled in me a confidence and the knowledge that my opinion does matter. He has taught me how to handle myself, and how to treat people. He is always the first to gently remind me to pray about things first and foremost. He can always make me laugh and smile.He gives the greatest advice and when he says he will pray for you, he really does it!  He has taught me to be kind to everyone, but have a thick skin. That one is easier said than done! 
He is the hardest worker I have ever met. My father has made countless trips to Florida to help us out on our first home. We have lovely wood floors thanks to him! My dad would do anything for those he loves! My mom always told me, she knew she would never go hungry when marrying my dad. She knew my he would always find a way to take care of her. I knew the same was true when I married Zane. Thanks to my dad's example, I have found a hardworking and godly husband. Many of the characteristics I see in my dad, I also see in Zane. 
Some of my favorite memories growing up was going to the pool with my dad. Any spare time in the summer was spent there, always stopping at the gas stations to grab a treat. Wishing today that I could be home with my family, celebrating dad with lunch and a pool date! Thank you dad for everything you have taught me. Know that your words will always stick with me!


Thursday, June 13, 2013

Happy Heart Thursday

Once again, Thursday rolls around and I realize I have not produced anything exciting for you guys. I have to admit, I have been in such a funk lately. After the weekend of shower / party craziness, I kinda let go a little bit. It felt like a mixture between having no motivation and being so overwhelmed with a growing to-do list, that I just didn't know where to begin. But, I am slowly picking back up the pieces and getting back on track! I wish I could promise you some more exciting things coming up, but reality is, it might not happen. So bare with me, and eventually I will get my ducks in a row and feel more like myself. In the midst of not feeling quite like myself, I did have some great moments this week... Happy Heart Thursday!

1. On the top of that list would be celebrating three years with this handsome man. We kept it simple and made reservations at The Veranda. It was the most adorable little restaurant! 

2.  Some of Zane's friends have come together to purchase produce in bulk. We finally were able to get in on the deal and were so excited. This entire box for only $16.00.. come on! Onions, avocados, limes, corn, tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers, pineapple.. you get the point. Its been so nice to just pick up chicken to grill along with all this goodness!

Dinner last night... fajitas! We have been making guacamole! 

3. For about a month, I have been saying I want to wake up early and run on the treadmill. Well, I finally made room last night for it in our spare room and woke up early today. It has done wonders for helping pull me out of this funk.. so far. Giving me energy and not having to think about finding the motivation when I come home! It also gave me time to sit down and relax a bit before getting ready for work.. I just love this bright part of our home!

I hope y'all have a wonderful Thursday! And if you are feeling in a funk too, don't worry! Just start one step at a time! 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Today, We Celebrate!

Today marks three years of wedded bliss with my sweet husband. Three years may seem insignificant, but to me, they have meant the most. Finding someone who loves you, just as much as you love them is priceless. Three years ago we promised each other forever, and plan on keeping that promise. Cherish what you have, and the people who love you in return.   

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Happy Heart Thursday

Do you know when life throws a million things at you at one time? They can all be good things.. but still things. I always want everything to be spaced out nicely. Unfortunately this has not been the case for the past month, and is definitely not the case for this upcoming summer either. 

Life lately has looked like a whirl wind. 
We just finished up a weekend filled with work, bridal showers, first birthdays and more work. I'm surprised I made it out of this past weekend alive! All the party planning has got my brain thinking of some new and fun ideas! Stay tuned! Needless to say the past few days have been spent trying to get back into the swing of things. So, I don't have too many fun things to share, but here are a few..

1. My husband is a genius and has bargained a way for us to have our house painted. score. Now to paint out paint colors. Thankfully We have a pretty good idea of what we want.. but just have to spend hours in home depot trying to find the perfect shade of taupe. 

2. My brother in law Devin is newly engaged and his lovely fiance has enlisted my help with wedding planning. We only have a few weeks to get all the details finalized. Welcome to life in the military. This is what my dinning room has looked like as we try and piece all of our ideas together! 

3. Breakfast Sunday morning on my way to church was a bit fancy thanks to leftover shower goodies :)

4. The weather in the sunshine state has been all but sunny this week. Hints my lack of motivation. Love being able to wear rain boots and sweatshirts, and some greener grass for our year. Boo for having to wait to paint our house!

5. The guys made brownies last night and we watched a movie.. It was a welcomed break!

Now to find the "off button" for this brain of mine...