Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Letter To My Dad


This letter may be a little more difficult for me to put into words. Whenever I think about my dad, I instantly feel emotional. It is fitting, really, if you know my father at all. Those of you who know my dad know that the older he gets, the more emotion he is. It's safe to say I get my emotional side from him, Thanks dad! 
There have been many Fathers Day's where we have celebrated apart, and it breaks my heart. But then I am reminded of all the people who aren't able to just pick up the phone and talk to their fathers, or who have not had a shining example of a dad to look up too. Perspective really is everything. I realize that there are dads, and there are great dads. I have a great dad! He has loved me and my siblings unconditionally. He has always been there for us. Whether it was to bail us out of a tough situation, to speak the words we needed to hear, or to just encourage us and make us smile.
 Through the years, he would always ask my opinion on things. I remember being younger, and wondering why an adult was taking the time to ask for a child's opinion? But now, I am grateful. All those times and conversations has instilled in me a confidence and the knowledge that my opinion does matter. He has taught me how to handle myself, and how to treat people. He is always the first to gently remind me to pray about things first and foremost. He can always make me laugh and smile.He gives the greatest advice and when he says he will pray for you, he really does it!  He has taught me to be kind to everyone, but have a thick skin. That one is easier said than done! 
He is the hardest worker I have ever met. My father has made countless trips to Florida to help us out on our first home. We have lovely wood floors thanks to him! My dad would do anything for those he loves! My mom always told me, she knew she would never go hungry when marrying my dad. She knew my he would always find a way to take care of her. I knew the same was true when I married Zane. Thanks to my dad's example, I have found a hardworking and godly husband. Many of the characteristics I see in my dad, I also see in Zane. 
Some of my favorite memories growing up was going to the pool with my dad. Any spare time in the summer was spent there, always stopping at the gas stations to grab a treat. Wishing today that I could be home with my family, celebrating dad with lunch and a pool date! Thank you dad for everything you have taught me. Know that your words will always stick with me!


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