Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Dance In The Rain

My husband and I are in a stage of our lives where we could see ourselves starting a family, but aren't quite there yet. Our sleep is still outweighing our readiness to start a family at the moment. I am however, surrounded with tons of sweet friends that have started families of their own.
 I can't help but take mental notes of do's and don'ts of parenting that seem to stick out. At the moment, the don'ts seem to come to mind more than the do's. I believe this is human nature really, we seem to find the negatives far easier than we recognize the good. I find myself saying, I hope I never do that when I am a parent, or I hope I value this more, etc. I say these things as if I know exactly what my life will be like as a new mom. The reality is, I have no Idea. And I can only hope that I don't eat my words, but if I do, I believe it will be for good reason. The reason that everyone is different, and each family is different.

 I do know one thing. I hope I get the chance to dance in the rain with a sweet child of mine. We have the privilege of sharing our home with our very best friends. Kurt and Carrie and adorable Bradli are staying while they search for a home to call their own. Carrie and I had gone to the grocery store together, which was so much better than going alone, when it started to rain. we tried to dodge the drops as best we could. When we were all done, Carrie grabbed her little girl, and stood in the rain, then danced and splashed around. I quickly ran to grab my camera. As I was trying my best to capture the moment, I realized that I wanted to be the type of mom I saw before me. The type that sees an opportunity, and seizes it. Regardless of the wet hair and laundry that would follow, she knew how happy it would make little Bradli. So here's to putting aside my mental note of do's and don'ts and seizing the opportunities ahead. 

“Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass...It's about learning to dance in the rain.”
― Vivian Greene

If you haven't visited Carrie's blog, I recommend doing so right now!

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