Thursday, August 1, 2013

Happy Heart Thursday

So, today did not go as I planned. I still had a great day, and a great week as well! Nothing too crazy, just hanging out with our sweet "frenchies" as we call our exchange girls! I know it's late, but better late than never to celebrate Thursday!  Today is especially sweet since I have nothing I absolutely need to get done. I haven't had that kinda down time in a LONG time! Number five is my favorite! Sweet Becket turned one and we got to celebrate him! Kristen did such an awesome job with his monster bash!! 

1. Baseball game with the girls

2. Volunteer Night

I had a blast planning this event to appreciate our volunteers! 

3. Running errands today with the sunroof open

4. Fresh fruit.. And dip! 

5. Beckets birthday! 

I had planned on helping out more but between events just couldn't swing it. I did make the birthday banner, and helped set up. Again, Kristen was an awesome party planner! 

Hope you guys are enjoying your Thursday evening, and are ready for the weekend! 

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