Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Meet Summerlin

 I met Zane while he was traveling with a separate worship band, and well, its just in our DNA. Summerlin is made up of a group of some of our talented musician friends. We take a week each summer to travel to Camp Padre, in South Padre Island, Texas! Zane grew up going to this camp, and its so fun returning with him and his family each year!  Preparing, traveling, and entering into worship with these youth kids is indescribable!   Getting to experience this week with Zane is something I look forward to. I love to hear his heart, his passions, and even better to witness him living those out! I will say this over and over. If you want to feel fulfilled as a wife, do everything you can to see your husbands dreams come true and support him in those dreams. I have never felt more fulfilled than I did during that week of serving and supporting Zane in the shadows. This week is always crazy- kids going nuts, yummy food, no sleep, and getting our tan on at the water park! Here are a few shots from this past summer at Camp Padre. Interested to hear some of their stuff? Check it out on Itunes! We are hoping to have some new stuff soon!

Our crew- wives included 

Crazy games!

 Have I mentioned how fabulous of a parent Zane will be? 

Not sure if i can find them all- but there are SEVEN of the camp staff  who are passed out during the last service. 

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