Thursday, February 6, 2014

Happy Heart Thursday- Atlanta Edition

Hey y'all, Zane and I are currently in Atlanta cashing in on his Christmas present! I hope you guys are having a fantastic week so far! Here are some small & some big things that made me smile! 

1. I got to grab coffee with a local girl who is currently attending the same college program I did. It was refreshing to walk down memory lane, and discuss what marriage is like for us! Love building relationships with those around me! 

2. I usually have a habit of biting/ neglecting my nails, but right now, they are pretty long, and I like it! 

3. I have been through Atlanta more times than I can count, but only to stay once, so it's been fun staying in the heart of downtown! 

4. Kings of Leon killed it last night. It was the first show if their tour, and let me just say, Caleb followill has one of my favorite voices of all times! 

5. Zane and I are enjoying our time in the atl! Went to the aquarium today, and it was pretty sweet! 

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