Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Behind The Scene - Valentine's Day

Hey Ya'll,
I hope you guys had a Fabulous Love Day! Zane and I slept in, went to see the Lego movie, which is adorable, did some shopping, then enjoyed a quiet night at home!

 On Friday I shared our Valentine's Day shoot, be sure to check it out here if you missed it! I wanted to show yall how everything came together for this impromptu shoot, in hopes that it may inspire you to pull together something of your own for some fun! 

It all started with these $3.09 cupcakes from target! As soon as i saw these simply sweet treats, I knew they had to be photographed!

One of the projects I did was spray painting this chair. I picked these up from the side of a dumpster, and knew they would be fine with a coat of spray paint! Who cares if the entire seat was split in two pieces? No problem! Before & after!!

I picked up this picture frame & these two candle sticks from my favorite store- none other than Target! I purchased a handful of different items to try, and returned them after only using the ones pictures. Its good to have options! 

Carrie brought a slew of outfits, but ultimately just loved the simple tutu :) Again, its always good to have options.

The table pictures is one a friend of mine picked up from the side of the road. This two has a large split in the top, so its not very functional, but I knew that wood would be perfect for pictures!

lastly I picked up the balloons from Party City and I absolutely loved them!

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