Thursday, September 5, 2013

Happy Heart Thursday

Hey friends, I know it has been a hot minute since I have posted about my happy Thursdays! Well, I'm back and have to get y'all caught up!

1. Today marks the end of my thirty day challenge. I can honestly say, I have never felt better. I will be sharing more on this next week, but lets just say healthy is my new middle name. 

2. To go along with my new healthy self, I decided I had to have healthy hair as well. I am cheap, so getting my hair cut is a total treat! 

3. Catching up from a little bit ago, we went to see The Killers in Orlando! It was an amazing show, complete with crazy lights, pyrotechnics, and confetti!! Totally worth the wait!

4. We are cruising it up in TEN days! Yep, Kind of excited about this one. It will be Zane and I's first cruise experience. This is what brought on my thirty day challenge to begin with. I wanted to fit into my bathing suit, and loose some weight, before gaining it back! ahhhhh!

5. Zane and I are now empty nesters. Our house is always full. We either have guest visiting, or friends over to hang out. It feels so strange not having anyone living with us. It has been since the end of march that we have had non-stop visitors.

6. In preparation for our vacation, I have been in a shopping mood! It also helps that I found an old wallet in my closet with a few gift cards ;) One of those was to Victoria Secret. I don't typically shop here, since I'm too cheap, but luckily I stumbled into the right store on the right day. I got three tops and two bottoms for only $25.00 out of my pocket. I ended up saving over $100!! Yeah, I was pretty excited!!

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