Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My Unorganized Bathroom

I will be honest. My bathroom has been unorganized for way too long. I had the things I used most often in reach, but all the drawers were a complete mess with things I never used. Story of my life. I have a hard time designating time to organize, and an even harder time getting rid of things. I always think I will use something. Reality check. I haven't used it in a year, and it is way overdue on a trip to the trash can. So i decided to take action. Last weekend I went to town and got rid of the awfulness you are about to see.  It's about to get real. Here is a peek at what I have been workin' with...

This cabinet held all my larger products.

This is the worst. drawer. ever.
Anything I didn't want on the counter got swept into the abyss.

The second drawer wasn't so bad, just a poor use of space.

Okay, this is bad... Under the counter...
This photo doesn't capture the true mess that is within.

These pictures don't even do the mess justice. So take what you see and multiply it by at least ten, maybe 15. Check back to see how I turned this mess into something I can actually live with.

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