Friday, April 5, 2013

A New Season

Easter was by far a great time growing up. However, I believe I like it more as an adult than I did as a child. That may have something to do with the fact that I have the worst. memory. ever. Anyways, before getting married,  Easter consisted of some of my favorite things. A new dress, who doesn't love a good excuse to get a little something new added to the closet. Hidden Easter baskets, along with an intense egg hunt for grown adults. We don't play when it comes to money hidden in the eggs!  Throw in some ribs, seven layer salad and the best weather NC has and you have a perfect day.

Mostly I love Easter for the newness it brings. A new season (debatable when you live in Florida)  both in the weather and in life. It was a great time of reflecting on what happened so many years ago. I am eternally grateful for the price that was paid for my sins. There is nothing too big that can separate us from God's grace. What a overwhelming thought.

Now that Zane and I are married, and live in FL with no family, we celebrate Easter with our friends. It was such a nice day filled with a 5 course meal. Yes, 5 courses, all served to us by my lovely friends Becca & Cheryl. They went above and beyond to create an adorable Easter event. We followed it up with the traditional three legged race, egg toss, and kickball.

These ladies went all out with paper roses and twigs at each place setting

Course 1: Apple Spinach Salad

Course 2: Strawberry Bisque

Course 3: Raspberry Sorbet

Main course: Easter Ham, Glazed Carrots, and Au Gratin Potatoes.

Our classic egg toss

I also got the chance to snap a few pictures of my best friends baby.
Becket has for sure stolen my heart.

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter, and that y'all are still enjoying the newness Spring has to offer.


  1. man! Bec & Cheryl seriously went all out!!! sad I wasn't there for the festivities! where was the egg toss at??? ps- lovin the pics from your new fancy camera!!!

  2. Yes, they totally went all out! We went to the field by the clubhouse to do the egg toss. I'm totally loving the camera, just wish I could instantly know how to use it correctly. Oh well, practice makes perfect!